Russell Gloor

Russ GloorAfter serving in the U.S. Army in the early ‘60’s, Russell started his professional career in computing technology at Pan American World Airways in New York City, where he was Superintendent of Communications Research and Development until he left Pan Am to become Director of Management Information Systems for the Travel Division of American Express Company.   His background and experience in computers led him to join IBM, where he enjoyed a very successful career in sales and engineering management and project management, ultimately leading him to an appointment as the executive responsible for IBM Global Services’ worldwide quality assurance program.

Russ retired from IBM in 2003 and enjoyed 10 years of retirement before rejoining the workforce with AMAC in 2013.  After several positions in AMAC’s membership services department, Russ transferred to AMAC’s Small Business Solutions unit as SBS’ Operations Manager in Florida, until 2016 when the need to be with family called him back north.  Russ continues to work as a Business Consultant to several AMAC departments, including the AMAC Foundation where, as a Certified Social Security Advisor, he provides assistance to seniors approaching their Social Security benefits enrollment decision.

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