Our Foundation

Our Foundation

Americans on the threshold of retirement—along with those beginning to look long-term at their retirement plans—are faced with a bewildering array of options, policies, and decision criteria that must be evaluated to ensure that they make the right choices at the right time. Guidance to navigate these bureaucratic waters is scarce, often limited to simple assistance in completing the forms necessary to activate the decisions that must be made. Advice on what is right for the individual is difficult at best to come by.

At AMAC, we recognize this situation, and have taken steps to provide a solution. The Foundation’s objective is one of broadening older Americans’ understanding of our country’s Social Security System. The Foundation is dedicated to assisting older Americans in understanding the options available to them as they make life decisions. focusing its vision as a source of guidance for Americans, from those on the threshold of retirement, to those either already in their retirement years or those taking a long-range look at future retirement. This guidance takes the form of valuable information on Social Security and Medicare and their many parts, tracking and reporting on legislative developments affecting retirement issues, and the dissemination of individualized advice through publications, workshops, and a variety of communication approaches.

There are many for-profit enterprises across the country to provide advice to wealthy Americans as they deal with their individual decision-making tasks; unfortunately, most older Americans cannot afford the fees associated with these private enterprises. Accordingly, the AMAC Foundation is designed to provide the counseling to at-risk older Americans with low to moderate incomes. In addition, the Foundation will provide similar services for virtually any population segment having a need for guidance on Social Security-related issues. These services will be offered at either no cost or with minimal fees.

To learn more about the Foundation, visit us at www.AMACFoundation.org, or contact us at:

AMAC Foundation
1904 Thomas Avenue, Suite 103
Leesburg, FL

Telephone: 1-888-750-2622
Email: [email protected]

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