Is a reverse mortgage right for you?

Are you considering a reverse mortgage? You are not alone; applications for reverse mortgages rose 15 percent in March from the previous month as people turned to the loans to avoid using their retirement investments in a down market.  So,…

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Do you still want to retire early?

For the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) adherents, the pandemic crisis has created an opportunity for many to slow down and reflect about their goals and priorities.  The pandemic has helped clarify the viability of your financial plan; this is…

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Taxation of Social Security Benefits–Can You Avoid It?

The taxation of Social Security benefits became law way back in 1983, when the program was facing severe financial stress. At that time, up to 50% of a beneficiary’s total Social Security income could be added to their gross income…

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Stimulus Negotiations and Comments on a Payroll Tax Holiday

Pre-recess deliberations on another coronavirus relief package are continuing amid complex and divergent viewpoints on the size and content of further relief. From a Social Security standpoint, one of the concerns continues to be the administration’s continuing push for a…

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Social Security Insolvency: 2031 Says CRFB

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget last week projected the point of exhaustion for Social Security’s Trust Fund reserves will arrive by 2013, according to CNBC Personal Finance Reporter Lorie Konish. Ms. Konish, in a post on, cited the…

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“Ask Rusty – Why Won’t Social Security Give Me My Widow’s Benefit?”

Dear Rusty: I have been a widow since November 2019. I retired under the Federal Civil Service Retirement System. Before my husband died, I made an appointment with Social Security to see if I could receive his Social Security if…

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