Retirement planning challenges

Saving for retirement is a difficult goal for most Americans to comfortably achieve. We all know finding more money to save is always a challenge, and even those who do a good job of accumulating assets and investing well during…

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Are you relying on Social Security too heavily?

When you sit down to determine how you will pay the bills in your retirement, there is one income source the experts say you shouldn’t rely too heavily on: Social Security. Many people make the mistake of neglecting their savings…

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Social Security, Deficits, and Debt Explained

Teresa Ghilarducci, writing in Forbes Magazine, participated in a debate this week and sought to address why so many people mistakenly believe Social Security adds to the deficit.  She notes Congress can add to the deficit and debt through every program…

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Why a Bigger Social Security Program Would Make Us Worse Off

Rachel Geszler’s thoughtful piece in The Daily Signal explains the problems with The Social Security 2100 Act, likely to pass the House soon.  It would make Social Security solvent and head off 20% plus in benefit cuts for all due to occur…

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Social Security – Broken and in need of repair

Mum’s the word from The Trump Administration and all 24 Democrat presidential candidates when it comes to fixing Social Security.  But why?  Each of the candidates is intelligent and has surely been briefed on the annual report of The Social Security…

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“Ask Rusty – Should I claim benefits early and invest them?”

Dear Rusty: I am 64 years old and my wife is 62. We both have good paying careers. Our original plan was to wait until we each turned 70 before drawing our Social Security benefits. But I was talking to…

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