Everything You Need To Know About Stimulus Payments

In this very comprehensive C Net Personal Finance article by Clifford Colby and Jessica Dolcourt, the authors have provided detailed information about the latest batch of so-called “stimulus” payments. From explaining that some may get an additional “plus up” payment,…

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SSA Commissioner Saul’s Letter to Congress

In a letter to key members of Congress, Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul offered insight into the status of Social Security operations today. Although his FY 2021 appropriation provides more than the previous year, it is nevertheless smaller than he originally requested…

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Should You Take Social Security at 62?

It’s fairly well known that taking Social Security at age 62 will result in a smaller monthly benefit, and that waiting longer will mean bigger checks. And while those bigger benefit checks can be enticing, sometimes it simply makes a…

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Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) for Disabled Children

Supplemental Security Income, or “SSI,” is a special stand-alone benefit program for disabled seniors and disabled children who have very low income and very few assets. “SSI” is administered by the Social Security Administration but should not be confused with regular…

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Outlook for Social Security Under Biden Administration

Solvency of Social Security wasn’t exactly a hot topic of discussion during the recent presidential elections, but President Biden has at least hinted about how he might seek to change America’s most important retirement program. Among other things, he’s suggested new…

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“Ask Rusty – My Social Security Card Is Incorrect – What Should I Do?”

Dear Rusty: My sister and I have the same first and last names but are distinguished by our “middle” names. Our last name consists of two family names, which gives us both four, with only our middle names unique. We…

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