Can Biden Save Social Security and Medicare?

In this interesting Chicago Tribune editorial piece appearing in the Akron Beacon Journal, a case is made that, as President, Joe Biden has an opportunity to do what Presidents before him have studiously avoided – tackle head-on the looming financial crises…

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Are You Ready To Retire?

Deciding when to hang up those work clothes is, arguably, one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. So it follows that it’s very important to fully evaluate whether you’re actually ready to retire, not only from the…

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Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?

The short answer is “maybe,” depending on the amount of your total income from all sources, including half of your Social Security benefits for the tax year.  Your so-called “provisional income” – your Adjusted Gross Income on your tax return,…

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Social Security Disability Denied? What to do next

The stories are numerous and varied about how difficult it is to be awarded Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, and most stories lament that benefits were denied, or how long the process takes, especially during an appeal. The reality is that…

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Thinking of Claiming Early to Avoid Depleting Savings? Not so fast!

Planning for retirement can be a challenging exercise, especially when it comes to evaluating your savings and how to make sure they’re not depleted before you die. Many people about to turn 62, the earliest you can collect Social Security…

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“Ask Rusty – Do COVID-19 Bonuses Count Toward the Earnings Limit?”

Dear Rusty: I’m 63 and still working, and I receive Social Security benefits. Because of COVID-19 my employer has been giving us a $300 bonus, every 3 months. This will be $1,200 for the year and it will put me…

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