Social Security at the Tipping Point  — The Motley Fool

2018 brought with it what The Motley Fool’s Sean Williams refers to as an “undesirable inflection point”–a term used to describe a turning point in the historical progress associated with Social Security. Here at the AMAC Foundation, our Social Security…

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Surprise! Your Social Security Benefits Can be Taxed  — TDAmeritrade

It comes as an unwelcome surprise to many new Social Security beneficiaries, but the truth is your monthly benefit may be subject to federal income tax. In fact, it’s not only possible, it’s likely, since more than half of current…

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Social Security and your future retirement  — Motley Fool

A recent Gallup survey revealed that more than half of those not yet retired doubt that they’ll get any Social Security benefits when their career ends. Although widespread, this skepticism about the program’s future may be unfounded, mainly because of the…

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Don’t blame Social Security for the Federal deficit!  — Motley Fool

Some political figures as well as many arm-chair experts cite Social Security as one of the causes of the continually expanding Federal deficit. While it’s true that Social Security pays out huge sums in benefits each year to over 60…

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Social Security Changes for 2019  — Motley Fool

There are some things which are inevitable, and among them are the annual changes to various Social Security benefit factors. Some changes, such as COLA (cost of living adjustment) and increases in the annual earnings limit, may mean more money…

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“Ask Rusty – Will I Get Spousal Benefits?”

Dear Rusty: What percentage, if any, should I be able to collect on my husband’s Social Security benefits? He started his at full retirement age and I’m turning 62 in 3 months (born 1957). I did work and am eligible…

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