What Every Candidate for Federal Office SHOULD Say About Social Security

Everyone’s Social Security benefits are going to be cut 20% or more in just over a decade, from the 95-year old widow eating tuna out of a can to the checks received by the likes of the Bezos, Trumps, and Bloombergs of…

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Democrats spar and Trump weighs in on Social Security

It’s been the third rail of politics for a long time– “touch it and you die.”  The “it” is Social Security and even Medicare.  The Washington Post dives into the continuing back and forth between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden…

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Which Joe Biden will fix what ails Social Security?

“When I argued that we should freeze federal spending, I meant Social Security as well.”  So said Joe Biden– in 1995.  He’s not getting much love in a Democrat primary, especially from Socialist Bernie Sanders, for taking that courageous view of the…

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Which Democrat is most committed to protecting Social Security?

Paul Waldman’s op-ed in The Washington Post takes readers through the positions of the Democrat candidates on Social Security.  They are more similar than different, in that nearly all favor tax and benefit increases of some nature.  All also oppose…

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Social Security & The Presidential Candidates

Precious little has been said on the campaign trail about Social Security this season, and the debate moderators have shied away from questions on the topic.  This MarketWatch piece by Alessandra Malita provides a comprehensive overview and summary on where the…

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“Ask Rusty – We took benefits early; can we get more now?”

Dear Rusty:  My birth date is 1947. My wife is 1950. We both took our Social Security years ago at age 62 due to health concerns because we questioned if we would live to age 78 to equalize the extra payout…

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