A Different View on the Importance of Social Security’s Solvency Issue

RealClearMarkets’ editor John Tamny, in a post on their website, offers an opinion on the urgency of Social Security’s insolvency problem that differs substantially from many seen in financial media. In his post, he observes that the absence of demonstrated…

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CRR Weighs In on Social Security Solvency

A recent post on 401kspecialistmag.com by Editor-in-Chief Brian Anderson analyzes comments from Center for Retirement Research at Boston College Director Alicia H. Munnell concerning the urgent need for corrective attention to address the looming Social Security solvency problem. Referring to…

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Social Security Insolvency and the Need for Public Awareness

Social Security’s revenue from payroll taxes (i.e., FICA tax) has not been able to completely cover benefits paid since 2010 and, since 2021, all sources of revenue coming into the program have been insufficient to make scheduled benefit payments. Consequently,…

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The Social Security Earnings Test—Why Does it Exist?

Claiming Social Security retirement benefits early—that is, before full retirement age (FRA)—is still a popular option in retirement finance planning. For some, it offers the opportunity to step out of a difficult work environment and into different, less stressful work.…

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Regarding Portions of the 6/6/2024 Social Security Subcommittee Hearing on Trust Funds

We all know that Social Security is on a path to trust fund insolvency by 2035. The hearing points out that the Biden Administration’s new budget will make things worse. Nothing is being done right now to correct the situation.…

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“Ask Rusty – I’m Already Collecting Social Security – How Will My WEP Reduction be Calculated?”

Dear Rusty:  I don’t understand exactly how the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) works for my situation. I turned 62 in 2017 and am currently still working in a “non-covered” job, not paying into Social Security, but from which I will…

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