Essentials of The 2019 Social Security Trustees Report  — The Motley Fool

This fourth week of April 2019 is being dominated by release of the annual Trustees Report on Social Security.  Little has changed to improve the long-term financial problems facing this program due to changing demographics, but there are a few takeaways…

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Social Security’s 2019 Annual Report Out: Don’t Pop the Champagne  — AMAC

Much as when the sun comes out during a hurricane, one should only make urgent and necessary repairs and forgo the celebration that the storm clouds are gone.  That’s because the “eye” of the storm is but a temporary reprieve.  And so it…

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Social Security headed for “life support?”  — USA Today

“Life support” is not all that far-fetched a reality for the program that 63 million people rely on for a monthly benefit.  Social Security is bumping up against issues that have been known for decades– namely, unfavorable demographics.  People are…

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Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to wait to claim your Social Security benefits  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

For many people, Social Security benefits make up the majority of their income in retirement. That is why choosing when to claim Social Security benefits is an important decision, and it will affect how much you receive each month for…

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The job of Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman is to assist people with Medicare  — THE REEDLEY EXPONENT

Are you aware that Congress created the job of Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman to assist people with Medicare with their inquiries, complaints, grievances, appeals, and requests for information? They also share information with Congress, the Secretary of Health and Human Services,…

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“Ask Rusty: Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) Affects State Retiree”

Dear Rusty: I have a question in regard to the “windfall act.” I am receiving a pension from the State of Nevada. I retired from the State, and did not pay into Social Security, but I worked in the private…

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