Putting 2034 in Perspective  — helenair.com

Quite a bit has been written over the past year or two about Social Security’s date with the depletion of its reserve funds, with 2034 positioned as the project year the Trust Fund reserves would reach zero. Contrary to popular…

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Immigration and the Impact on Social Security’s Future  — Fox Business

With border control and the focus on illegal immigration so much in the news these days, it’s easy to lose perspective on the positive role that immigration–legal immigration–plays in the current and future Social Security financing situation. With the current…

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Public Interest in Social Security Reform Continues to Build  — Reuters

Not unexpectedly, the level of interest in Social Security and its looming solvency issues appears to be reaching new heights. The January 31 announcements surrounding the John Larson (D; Conn) Social Security 2100 Act, coupled with Bernie Sanders’ reintroduction last week…

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Social Security 2100 – Another Look at the Details  — National Review

In an in-depth article today on nationalreview.com, American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Andrew Biggs analyzes the long-term implications of the recently-announced Social Security 2100 Act, challenging several of the Act’s benefit assumptions. Biggs examines how the retirement picture for the poorest workers would evolve under…

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The Search for Public Policy to Aid Women in Retirement  — Next Avenue

The statistics are discouraging…women face an elevated risk of falling into poverty in their later years, and the causes are numerous. For example, women typically have more zero-earning years in their work records for Social Security benefit calculations, their income-earning careers…

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“Ask Rusty – Using Health Savings Account (HSA) Funds while on Medicare”

Dear Rusty:  My understanding is that once I’m on Medicare the HSA cannot be used. I have prescriptions that cost more with the Medicare Insurance than paying cash, so why can’t I use the HSA to pay for these types…

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