COLA Watch 2024–Likely Nowhere Near 2023

Inflation is easing, and that’s a good thing for the economy in general. Unfortunately for seniors, though, that downward trend brings with it a similar trajectory in cost-of-living adjustments (COLA). In fact, current projections are that the COLA for next…

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Clarifying the Banking Interactions Between the U.S. Treasury and Social Security

The charge that the political arena has, through the years, “stolen” money from the Social Security program is an enduring piece of folklore that surfaces routinely in social media and in a variety of news accounts. Some sources cite specific…

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A Timeline Clarification for Millennials–Preparing for the Future of Social Security

Social Security’s impending solvency crisis has been in the news quite a bit in recent months and, unfortunately, much of the media accounts have created a misunderstanding of what’s really in the cards for this critical senior support program. Specifically,…

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Candidate Haley Advocates for Retirement Age Setbacks, Benefit Trimming for the Wealthy

The long road to the 2024 presidential election is now being traveled by a host of hopefuls, so it’s logical to expect an outpouring of viewpoints on key issues and, equally logical, to expect Social Security reform to be one…

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Four Principles Designed to Salvage Social Security for the Long-Term

The solvency dilemma Social Security faces has gotten some attention in the early days of the 118th Congress, but despite the urgency–full depletion of the program’s reserves is less than a decade away–proposals to ward off a catastrophe haven’t gotten…

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“Ask Rusty – How Will Working Affect My First Year’s Benefits?”

Dear Rusty: I retired from working in January of this year and have since claimed Social Security. I didn’t work at all in February or March, but I began a part-time job in April. I’m very confused about how Social…

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