The Minimum Wage Increase and Social Security–Looking at the Implications

The potential for a $15 per hour federally mandated minimum wage is under heavy debate right now in Washington, and may or may not make its way into law soon. If it were to be enacted, many analysts focused on the Social…

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National Institute on Retirement Security Study: Yes, There is a Retirement Crisis

ThinkAdvisor’s Ginger Szala, executive managing editor of Investment Advisor magazine, reports on the conclusions drawn from the National Institute on Retirement Security’s (NIRS) new survey. Although not necessarily a revelation to many, the study finds that “67% of respondents said they strongly or…

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Social Security’s Solvency Dilemma: Drawing Closer and Closer

Social Security’s Board of Trustees will soon be issuing their annual assessment of where the program stands in relation to long-term financing, and it appears likely to some forecasters that the date for exhaustion of the program’s trust fund reserves will move…

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An Argument in Favor of the Senior Citizen Tax

While efforts are underway in Congress to eliminate federal income tax on Social Security benefits, not everyone is in agreement. Amber Wallin, MPA, deputy director for New Mexico Voices for Children, takes an opposing view in a post on Las Cruces…

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Pandemic reinforces need for savings & AMAC’s Social Security PLUS plan 

Next week (Feb 22-26, 2021) is America Saves Week.  If the global pandemic has taught us anything, we should hope that saving money is essential.  The savings Americans should have had in the bank but did not in 2020 greatly…

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“Ask Rusty – Should I Claim Social Security Now or Wait Until I’m 70?”

Dear Rusty: I’m currently 67 years old and still working full time. I took a big financial hit in 2008, which is why I’m still working, and I expect to continue working until I’m 70. My question is: should I…

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