What’s So Hard About Social Security?

Well, a lot is hard, as Social Security is a convoluted and confusing enterprise to millions.  Many think they know what they need to, as in “Take it at 62. Period.”  That’s why Russell Gloor of The AMAC Foundation, which powers…

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Modest increases in Social Security pay & Medicare premiums forecast for 2021

While the official cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security recipients in 2021 will be announced in October, Paul Davidson of USA Today quotes one expert who says Social Security recipients can expect a 1.3% COLA.  That’s according to Mary…

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65% of Near-Retirees Fear They Won’t Get Social Security Benefits at All

It’s a sobering thought indeed, but according to the SimplyWise September 2020 Retirement Confidence Index, 65% of Americans in their 50s are worried about Social Security being dried up by the time they retire.  That people are focusing on Social Security’s real…

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What Will Social Security Benefits Look Like in 2021?

Social Security is not usually in the news as often as it has been lately.  Chock up recent stories to a presidential election, a pandemic, and a soon to be announced cost of living adjustment (COLA) by The Social Security…

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Social Security’s Structural Problems Are Hastening Insolvency

Sean Williams provides a thorough and comprehensive examination of Social Security’s well known long term financial woes in light of newly released Congressional Budget Office (CBO) data.  While the pandemic is likely causing its own problems, CBO’s report focuses on…

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“Ask Rusty – Can I Help My Friend with His Social Security?”

Dear Rusty: I am trying to help a good friend of mine who lives in Indiana and is 80 years old. I am very concerned as he’s not now collecting SS for some reason, and I have no idea why.…

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