Surpluses Running Dry. What do Americans Want to do About it?

Social Security faces an inability to pay promised benefits under current law in about 10 years. Selena Marnajian explains the issue, the more than 20% cuts that will occur for all, and the possible fixes. More income can be taxed.…

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Here We Go Again: Government Shutdowns & Social Security

No. Social Security benefits will not cease if the federal government shuts down. Vince Cariaga explains the rationale and the funding mechanism for Social Security in this piece. But if a shutdown drags on for a while, there could still…

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Op-ed: Social Security’s financing challenges are double that of 1983

Authors Louise Sheiner and Georgia Nabors spend most of this article recapping the 1983 Social Security rescue that took place days before the program would hit insolvency. They explain the term “insolvency” and note the 1983 reform was intended to get the…

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Social Security Claws Back Money, Leaving Recipients Baffled

In this long, comprehensive piece, authors David Hilzenrath and Jodie Fleischer explain how the Social Security Administration (SSA) can overpay recipients followed by the long, complex process that ensues thereafter. The SSA is trying to reclaim billions of dollars from many of…

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Biden & Social Security Reform: Numbers Don’t Add Up

Sean Williams highlights the Social Security Board of Trustees Report of 2023 detailing a $22.4 trillion funding obligation shortfall through 2097. This means, in plain English, there isn’t enough revenue to be collected over the long-term to sufficiently cover benefit…

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“Ask Rusty – Nonagenarian War Veteran Asks About Extra Credit for his Service”

Dear Rusty: I’m turning 95 this year and am caretaker for my wife in our 70th year of marriage. I served before 1968 (1951-53) during the Korean War. How do the “special extra credits for military service” work for me?…

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