Encore Article: Medicare Coverage Options and Open Enrollment

This article was first published last fall but is worthy of this encore re-publication because the topic – Medicare – is one which affects a majority of our readers all year long. Originally published by the non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation…

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The WEP/GPO Debate Rages On

Congress has been under considerable pressure lately over two Social Security provisions which have, for decades, irked some retirees from public service. The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO) affect those who have a federal, state,…

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Is there an ideal age to claim Social Security?

Is there an ideal age to claim Social Security? Well, recent research on this topic suggests that age 70 is the best age in most circumstances but, curiously, that is not the age at which most beneficiaries actually claimed. A…

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About Increasing Social Security’s Full Retirement Age

With Trust Fund depletion looming on Social Security’s financial horizon, there is no shortage of ideas for resolving the program’s financial woes to avoid a potential across-the-board cut in everyone’s benefit in less than a decade. Included in most discussions…

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When Should You Claim Social Security?

It’s the question our AMAC Foundation Social Security Advisory Service is most frequently asked – “When should I claim my Social Security benefits?” And the underlying hidden inquiry is “how can I maximize my Social Security benefit?” Truth is, there…

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“Ask Rusty – Older Husband and Working Wife Seek Guidance”

Dear Rusty: I am 74 years old, retired and receiving Social Security. My wife will be 65 in January of 2025. Our hope was to start paying off some credit card expense by her receiving SS when she turns 65,…

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