Despite Looming Insolvency, Sen. Sanders says “Expand Social Security”

Rule number one has always been, when in a hole, stop digging. But Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is convinced Social Security benefits can and should be expanded, despite demographic headwinds like increasing longevity and declining birthrates that are hindering the…

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Lawmakers must act responsibly on behalf of all Americans

Max Richtman, president and CEO of the nonprofit National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, has an op-ed here imploring members of Congress to be responsible as they wrestle with Social Security’s financial woes. Richtman is quite critical of…

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A Peek and a Guess at 2023 Social Security Benefits

Next year’s Social Security benefits will be much higher than those paid in 2022. But by how much? Dan Avery explores that question in this piece from The May year over year consumer price index has inflation at 8.6%.…

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Happy Independence Day!

We at Social Security Report have a little historical trivia here for July 2-4.  First, read this letter from John Adams of Massachusetts to his wife Abigail, written July 2nd (yes 2nd), after The Second Continental Congress voted to approve a…

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Another Call for Social Security Reform

The Motley Fool’s Maurie Backman, in a post on, sounds the alarm yet again calling for legislative attention to address Social Security’s solvency problem. As her article suggests, “…lawmakers have a prime opportunity to prevent a universal reduction in…

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“Ask Rusty – About Working While Collecting Early Benefits”

Dear Rusty: How much would be withheld from my social security benefits? I am 62 and can claim about $1,900 a month now. I’m still working, making about $75K per year. How much of my benefits would I get? What…

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