The debate about Social Security’s age thresholds  — Reuters

With the now well publicized financial difficulties predicted in Social Security’s future, the debate is ongoing about how to fix the program to ensure solvency well into the future. Usually somewhere in that debate, the subject of changing Social Security’s…

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Social Security and Medicare advice for couples  — Investment News

While many people tend to think of their individual situation when it comes to Medicare and Social Security, the fact is that couples should pay a lot of attention to coordinating their benefits when it comes to both programs. Not doing…

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SSDI – The ultimate safety net for workers  — Kiplinger

Statistically, one in four workers now 20 years old will become disabled at some point in their working career. And with the American workforce evolving to a so-called “gig economy” (contractors & part time workers vs. traditional employees with benefits), knowing that about…

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Scammers now targeting Social Security beneficiaries  — CBS New York

In a devious twist to an old scam, criminals are now targeting Social Security recipients in their efforts to relieve you of some of your money. Not long ago, scammers claiming to be from the IRS used their tricks and…

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Social Security Spousal Benefits: How they are computed  — Forbes

The spousal benefit and how it is computed is clearly one of the most confusing and misunderstood aspects of the Social Security program. Many people think that a spouse simply gets 50% of the other spouse’s benefit amount, but it’s much…

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“Ask Rusty – Can I get Medicare without claiming Social Security?”

Dear Rusty:  I am 63 and my full retirement age is 66 and 2 months. I want to try and hold out to 70 before I start collecting SS. My 2018 Social Security statement said I’m eligible to apply for…

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