Will Immigrants Save Social Security and Medicare from Financial Trouble?

Chris Tomlinson of The Houston Chronicle has an op-ed that details the trouble faced by Medicare and Social Security.  He notes Congress has avoided the necessary fixes for decades to instead focus on reelection.  The choices include increasing taxes, reducing benefits,…

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Should You Worry About Social Security?

Yes and no are generally the answers to whether one should worry about Social Security’s finances.  Cyrus Purnell of Forbes describes the predictable headlines and news stories that follow each release of the annual Trustees report.  He explains that while…

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The Continuing Social Security “Offices Closed” Saga

As our posts on this site have noted frequently in the past few months, the continued unavailability of Social Security field offices for walk-in traffic is a concern to many. See our May 19 post as an example, wherein Rep. Jody…

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A Grim Outlook for Retirement?

Reporting on the results of The 2021 Global Retirement Index (GRI) by asset management company Natixis Investment Managers, Yahoo!Finance writer Yaёl Bizouati-Kennedy reports that many future retirees feel a miracle is in order for them to realize a secure retirement. The Bizouati-Kennedy post…

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Perspectives on the Social Security Solvency Issue

Economist Max B. Sawicky, in a post today on eurasiareview.com, delves into myriad facets of the 2021 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Federal Disability Insurance Trust Funds (Trustees Report) issued August 31,…

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“Ask Rusty – Is My COLA Increase Based on My Current SS Benefit?”

Dear Rusty:  I started collecting SS when I turned 70 to maximize my income. One factor that is never mentioned is that the annual cost of living increase appears to be based on the previous year’s payment. I’ve talked to…

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