A Tale of Two Presidents: Options for Saving Social Security

Both presidential candidates pledge to save Social Security but they are espousing different paths to this end. Should the funding come from “other sources”? Currently Social Security is funded by ss taxes, interest on bonds and income taxes paid on…

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Social Security was Last Overhauled in 1983

That was the last time the Social Security Trust Fund was nearly depleted. Legislative changes were made to gradually extend the Full Retirement Age, increase the payroll tax and apply additional income tax to Social Security benefits. We are in…

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Have Markets already Privatized Social Security?

With a unique perspective John Tamny for Forbes explains how the markets have already adjusted to Social Security’s shortfalls. The 55 plus crowd, recognizing that Social Security will not sustain them in retirement, are saving and investing more now than…

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New RNC Platform – 20 key issues to be prioritized

This article by Ayelet Sheffy on July 8th for Business Insider reveals the priorities of the Trump campaign, including everything from economics to the open border to Social Security and Medicare. The platform helps give voters a clear view of…

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A Different Spin on What to do with Social Security

The attached article by Austin Smith for 247 Wall St published on July 8, 2024 gives a different perspective for a Social Security solution. Trump has hinted that he may have a totally different way to handle the insolvency issue…

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“Will IRA Withdrawals Affect My Medicare Premiums?”

Dear Rusty:  I am a member of AMAC and learn so much from the Ask Rusty column. I hope you can give me some information about a question that has come up in my family.  My husband is retired and has…

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