Payroll tax or retirement age hikes? Debate continues.

Lorie Konish summarizes the state of Social Security reform as of this moment. The debate between raising payroll taxes, either by percentages or the amount of wages that are taxable, and raising the retirement age over time splits the two…

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A Different Path to Social Security Reform

Chris Pope, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, has an interesting piece on Social Security here that goes beyond the usual demographic and insolvency explanations and solutions. Pope notes the program costs twice as much as like schemes in…

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A Biden Backdoor Cut to Social Security Benefits?

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) has been in the news a great deal as of late sounding the alarm on Social Security’s ill financial health. Cassidy has been working with other senators on proposed solutions, including raising the retirement age. He…

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Op-ed: Biden, Macron, and the Politics of Social Security

Ingrid Jacques of USA Today writes here that President Biden might learn a thing or two from French President Emmanuel Macron, namely that people are living much longer and retirement programs must adapt or face insolvency. Macron has been resolute…

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The Social Security insolvency app

Americans know that Social Security is facing insolvency in a decade, but what can the average person do about saving Social Security? Mr. Brian Septon, principal at the Terry Group, decided to use the new app from the American Academy…

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Ask Rusty – Why Should a Non-working Spouse be Entitled to Social Security Benefits?

Dear Rusty: Why can a non-working spouse claim half of their working spouse’s benefit even though they have not contributed to the Social Security system? This doesn’t seem right or fair to those of us who have contributed for years…

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