Seniors Weigh-In on Need for Social Security Reform

Using terms like “skimping so much,” “watching where the pennies go,” and “my Social Security benefit is far too low to cover my monthly expenses,” Seniors participating in a House Ways and Means Social Security subcommittee meeting this week expressed their…

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“Strengthening Social Security For Widows Act” Introduced

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY 23) yesterday introduced the “Strengthening Social Security For Widows Act,” a bill intended to enhance the benefit available to a surviving spouse. Under current Social Security rules, the survivor would receive the larger of the two benefits…

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COVID-19 and Retirement Plans…Rethinking the Future

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the economy in general, and it’s also devastated the personal financial situation of many individuals and families. Those are both understatements, for sure, but in addition to the immediate damage, it’s become obvious that the pandemic has also…

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Another View on Social Security’s Solvency

Yesterday’s headline post offered conjecture that the expected depletion date for Social Security’s trust fund reserves might not be as close as many analysts and pundits feared. What had been thought by some to be full depletion as early as…

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Social Security After COVID-19: An Improved Outlook?

Although the 2035 timeframe for full depletion of the Social Security Trust Fund reserves remains the current projection of record, and since the Social Security trustees have not yet released an update for 2021, it’s starting to look like the much-feared…

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“Ask Rusty – Why Did Social Security Ask My Mother This Question?”

Dear Rusty: When my father passed away and we went to update my mother’s Social Security benefits, a question arose that I was confused by. We were asked “Do you want to claim just your father’s benefit (which was larger)…

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