About Us

AMAC’s Social Security Report website is designed to serve as a resource for anyone interested in the state of our Social Security program. By providing daily updates on major, breaking news and legislative developments affecting Social Security, by reprinting quotes and comments that reflect the insights of key political figures involved in shaping Social Security policy, and by maintaining an on-going  catalog of questions and answers relevant to topics of interest to the public, AMAC seeks to keep all Americans up-to-date on the Social Security landscape.

The site also presents AMAC’s views on what can—and must—be done to fix the problems evident in Social Security as it stands today. With a tag line of “Keep Social Security—Fix the Financials—Make it Better,” AMAC’s view of a prototype bill discusses the causes of the current dilemma and puts a framework around a pathway to solution.

Our objective with this site is to provide a “go to” place for Congressional Aides and their Senators and Representatives, along with the general public, to keep abreast of Social Security’s ever-changing topography.  We invite feedback and commentary from informed parties as part of our quest for open dialog on one of the nation’s most critical programs for the elderly.


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