The AMAC Social Security Guarantee

The AMAC Social Security Guarantee

AMAC’s founder, Dan Weber, has been in the forefront of the fight to address the problems facing America’s Social Security program. Put simply, the program is paying out more than it’s taking in, causing a gradual depletion of the Social Security Trust Fund. If left unchecked, projections are that this depletion will cause the Trust Fund balance to be exhausted by 2033, with the result being a scale-down of payments—as much as 25%—to Social Security recipients.

As an action-oriented association, AMAC is resolved to do its part to call for action on this very serious problem.

AMAC has developed a simple, actuarially sound solution that has been advanced to Capitol Hill. AMAC representatives have been resolute in their mission to get the attention of lawmakers in Washington, meeting with many, many congressional offices and their legislative staffs over the past several years. The Association is gaining ground every day, and you can help–support AMAC in this fight by joining the “AMAC Army” and contacting your congressional representative to add your voice!

Visit the Association’s website at to learn more about AMACs proposed solution and to obtain a copy of a free booklet outlining the steps that need to be taken to resolve this very serious problem.

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