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House GOP, Dems voice strong opposition to Senate highway bill

(By – Peter Schroeder and Mike Lillis, The Hill)

(Rep. Xavier Becerra (Calif.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus) singled out an offset provision that would take money from the Social Security trust fund, arguing that any tweaks to the retirement benefit program should go toward bolstering it. “I’ll be darned if I’m going to let someone take money that’s for Social Security to use it [on highways] because they’re not willing to do the right thing to impose a user fee so we can fix our roads,” he said. Read more…


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  1. Does anyone think that setsnticis will eventually address the ordinary person’s experience of sea level rise? I ask because, once again, the theoretical claims made by Mann and others fly in the face of human experience. Mann claims a rise of 2 mm per year which would yield .2 m or 7.8 inches over 100 years. My mother has been alive for 95 years and is quite youthful. She is also quite familiar with the beaches on the East coast of the US. If there had been a sea level rise of 7.8 inches over that 100 years then the surf would be depositing foam 10 to 15 higher on the beach than it was 100 years ago. No such thing is taking place. In fact, the foam is right where it was in 1925. Why do setsnticis not address the fact that human experience of the ocean flatly contradicts their findings based upon research?Permit me to anticipate the usual responses. Yes, I know about subsidence and uplift and all those cool things. So do setsnticis. So, why do setsnticis not take those matters into account when they report research from East coast US beaches that a gazillion of us are highly familiar with? If they know that ordinary observers cannot experience the rising sea level, why do they not explain to us why we cannot? Could we please drop the arrogance and report to the taxpayer?In my humble opinion, Mann and crew have no explanation for the fact that ordinary people cannot observe the sea level rise. That means that their claims are falsified by ordinary experience. Maybe climate setsnticis, at least the pro-AGW crowd, work under a curse. Maybe they are correct in their calculations of what sea level rise should be and of what ocean energy should be, but Mother Gaia just keeps changing things so that the calculations are never observed by normal humans. Maybe they need to get right with Mother Gaia.

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