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Obama to pressure GOP to extend unemployment benefits

WASHINGTON – President Obama will meet on Tuesday in Washington with some long-term unemployed Americans, as the White House ramps up pressure on Congress to extend unemployment insurance benefits that expired for 1.3 million Americans last week. The White House’s announcement of Tuesday’s event where Obama will press for the extension of the benefits came Friday as Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee released a report saying the expiration of federal unemployment insurance has already taken more than $400 million out of the economy...Read More


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  1. Worked 13 years there every day, built sales by 150%. But “unsatisfactory performance” was reason I lost my job. Oh you mean now you can get some youngster for 35%less pay to offset your min wage increases of late. 26 weeks of benefits and used all my 401k. My husband list his job 3 days after me. No extended benefits? Suicide for me

    • I agree with Jill .I worked all my life in the oilfield in Louisiana and good good hard dedicted people are losing jobs and after 26 weeks of unemployment there’s no extension.. That’s not enough weeks so many people unemployed its tuff to find work really tuff….

      • My husband has never not worked and he has applications everywhere and unemployment ended second week of August and can’t find a job he was also employed 13 years . First time we ever need help and can’t get it things going bad fast with morgage etc . I bet the house rep is eating well and sleeping well every night unreal!!!

  2. where did this country go? or where did this country come from? was it hard working people, maybe the white house should really look at the families out of work, and the people who are in shelters, this is sad to see this country falling down like this, and the ones who seats in higher authority just don’t care.I’m praying for this country -|-

  3. Obama how yuh doin .. Listen plz extend unemployment we gotta put food on the table and clouths on our backs im looking for a job and still no one hiring im trying my best to feed my family im on welfear cuz i cant find no job if yuh extend unemployment i could put gas in my car and take my kids to school and find me a good job please help me that guy bonher aibt doin it i bet he making up lies to yuh jys to keep your mouth shut plz step up for the american people plz thats all im asking remember american people come first over seas can wait … Remind yuh the white house is in united states no over seas so that american people come first always …. Thank yuu mr obama

  4. I have been out of work since jan i. haved looked for work since then but the jobs that are out there would not be enough to even pay my morgae let alone feed my family and pay the rest of our bills. I can not understand way the goverment who say thay are for the people would let this go on. So please vote in the unemployment benefits back in i don’t want to lose everything thing I’ve worked for the past 40yrs.for because you say i am lazy.

  5. United states marines sgt Robert Lanham , veteran. Mr president please stay in the drivers seat don’t let those. Bullies. Bully you around, stand your ground just like the marines,don’t let mr bohner. Run the united states,,put your foot down and help the American people first, then what is left we can help the rest of the world.Mr president someone in the big house said something about people being lazy.The person who said that is not doing his home work.We are talking about American people who has been working for 30 to 45 years at the same job.I don’t think that is being lazy.The American people are loosing everything that have worked for 1 year to 45 years paying taxes and ssi ,Medicare, Shame on the person who said the American people are lazy.Mr president please pass the unemployment. Ext. For we the people of the united states of america

  6. This whole unemployment thing is very strange and these people can’t see clearly anymore as they once did i truly believe America is loosing it’s way and can no longer function in the way it once did. it seems as though the government has been desensitized to the needs of the American people. It’s almost like they have forgotten how to govern. everybody seems to be in some kind of stupor right now, when dealing with the emergency unemployment issue. They can’t seem to see how very serious this problem is and it’s a very sad thing.

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