The Nagging Question…When Must You Supply Your Social Security Number?  — Click2Houston

We’re in a time where database breaches resulting in the release of personal data–most notably Social Security numbers–has become fairly commonplace. And there’s no question about the vulnerability that arises from those breaches…whether it’s a situation as broad as the…

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Planning on Working in Retirement? What if You Can’t?  — Washington Post

The statistics are  impressive: 79% of future retirees expecting to hold a job in their retirement years, for example. For some, working fills a social need; for others it fills an economic need. And for still others, having this as…

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The “Retirement Savings Crisis”–And What to do About It  — Motley Fool

It seems like just about everyday there’s a new account of how far behind the savings curve those approaching retirement are. Some news accounts label this more serious than our country’s health care crisis, while others refer to it as “a…

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The 2019 COLA increase: An early prognostication  —

Although it’s far to early to predict with any certainty what Social Security’s 2019 COLA increase might be, Motley Fool’s Sean Williams nevertheless speculates what might happen in the future. The actual COLA number isn’t determined until mid-October because it’s based upon…

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The hidden reason Congress may act on Social Security  — Investment News

It’s pretty well known that Social Security has financial issues which will cause the program to cut benefits by up to 23% in 2034 if Congress takes no action to fix the issue. To a large extent, these financial woes have…

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“Ask Rusty – Restricted Application for Divorced Spouse”

Dear Rusty: I’ve recently started reading your column on Social Security and am learning a lot! My particular question is this: I was born in November 1953 so my full retirement age is 66, which is coming up faster than…

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