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Paying Taxes on Social Security  — The Motley Fool

Some people, mostly unaware, will have to pay taxes on their Social Security benefits. This does not affect everybody, however those who will have to pay may be taxed on up to 85% of their benefits. This is not an…

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Social Security in the Current Election  — Real Clear Politics

Social Security should be a much bigger topic of debate than it currently is. Social Security is affecting or will affect most citizens. There are currently 75 million baby boomers, all retired or rapidly reaching retirement age. This is a…

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Retirement Planning – Re-examining Some Myths  — The Motley Fool

It’s fairly common to believe in myths–those legendary tales that many hold as truths–and many people tend to make decisions on the basis of myths. In some areas of life, that may be relatively harmless, but when it comes to…

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The Case for Reform  — The Weekly Standard

Entitlement reform was a big ticket item in the last election with the talk surrounding Obamacare. Republicans were, and to a degree still are, aggressively touting alternatives to this system. Since then talk has dwindled and reform has fallen by…

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Last Day for Social Security Loophole  — Market Watch

Today is the last day to use the ‘file and suspend’ strategy for those still eligible. This strategy was targeted in a recent budget bill to be closed off for anyone not yet the age of 62 by the end…

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“What is “Extra Help” under the Medicare prescription drug program and how can I apply?”

Answer: Anyone who has Medicare can get Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). Some people with limited resources and income also may be able to get Extra Help. This Extra Help will help pay for the costs, such as monthly premiums,…

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