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GOPers talk entitlement reform at NH summit  —

Leading Republican presidential contenders aren’t shying away from proposals to overhaul Social Security and Medicare—once considered untouchable third rails of American politics. Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush all told audiences at the Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire…

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An ‘Interactive’ Analysis of Christie’s & Sanders’s Social Security Plans  — CRFB

Earlier this week, CRFB analyzed a new plan from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that, among other things, would close about 60 percent of the program’s funding shortfall. What we failed to mention is that our readers could analyze this and…

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PRESS RELEASE: Hirono, Deutch Introduce Bill…  —

Hirono, Deutch Introduce Bill to Strengthen & Improve Social Security for Seniors, Make Social Security System Fairer for Middle Class Proposal Lifts the Cap on Social Security Contributions from Wealthiest, Preserves Social Security for Generations; On Heels of GOP Budgets…

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There’s No Shortage of Bad Ideas on Social Security  — American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Social Security Works, a left-wing group, was quick on the draw. Within an hour of Senator Marco Rubio’s announcement that he was running for president, it issued a news release attacking him: “If Senator Marco Rubio had his way, Social…

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How to bring clarity and urgency to Social Security reporting  — Columbia Journalism Review

Social Security is looming as a major campaign issue—should it be cut or expanded? And that, of course, calls for reporters who understand what the system does and how various proposals would change it, and who can clearly explain what’s…

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“How does the government justify paying high benefits to high earners who didn’t pay taxes?”

Complete Question: From what I understand, our Social Security benefits are determined based on our highest 35 years of earnings. However, there is a maximum amount of income that is subject to Social Security tax. That really doesn’t seem fair.…

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