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American Women and Retirement Challenges  — CNBC

The number of wealthy women in United States is rising twice as the number of wealthy men and they control thirty-nine percent of the country’s investable assets; however, women continue to face significant economic changes. In a commentary column appearing…

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Three Reasons Why  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

There are three reasons why it can make sense for you to start taking your Social Security benefits early. In Selena Maranjian’s column for The Motley Fool, (, she reviews the three main reasons: You need the money, it’s a…

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Special Needs Families  — MORNINGSTAR

Twenty million American families have at least one family member who has a disability; the importance of balancing the financial needs of retirement with long-term needs of a child with disability becomes challenging and complex. In Mark Miller’s column appearing on…

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Know Your Number  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

If you think figuring out your retirement savings number is easier said than done, you are wrong. Even though it will be an educated guess, Maurie Backman writing for The Motley Fool (, outlines a three-step plan to help you…

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The Smartest Strategy for You  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

Today, there are fewer filing options for Social Security applicants to maximize their benefits but there are still some that will help you and your loved ones. In Mark Cussen’s column appearing on The Motley Fool website (, he gives…

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“Will you lower my Social Security benefits if I get a pension from work not covered by Social Security?”

Answer: When you get a pension from work not covered by Social Security, we may figure your Social Security benefits using a different formula. This lowers your Social Security benefit. We do this whether your pension comes from work you…

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