We can fix Social Security.

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Will the Supreme Court accept the Obamacare subsidy challenge today?

The U.S. Supreme Court justices are scheduled on Friday to discuss whether to accept a case with the potential to severely disrupt health coverage for millions of Americans under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. If they take the case, it could…

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With Disability Benefits Running on Fumes, What to Do?

Few Americans know that the tax they pay to finance Social Security gets split into two unequal parts. The larger part goes to a trust fund that supports pensions for retirees and survivors. The smaller part goes into another trust…

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How you would fix Social Security: Raise the retirement age

About a month ago, the Post invited readers to chime in on what they thought were the best ways to fix Social Security. With the help of the Center for Retirement Research, we presented an array of 12  solutions commonly suggested for the…

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How a Divided Senate Could Threaten Social Security

American politics is more diverse, more nuanced and more interesting than most media and political elites choose to note. This country elects Libertarians and Greens and Socialists and independents, along with Democrats and Republicans. And 2014 could produce results that…

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Recent Poll: Disability Issues Could Have a Major Impact in the 2014 Elections!  — American Federation for the Blind

Recently, RespectAbility (a national, disability-focused nonprofit) collaborated with major political pollsters to ask questions of likely 2014 voters in battle-ground states (states whose choice of U.S. Senate candidates in the November elections is uncertain and thus will determine the balance…

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Deeper Goraya, Attorney at Wash. Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights/Urban Affairs for Disability Rights Project

“People with disabilities belong in the community like all of us and deserve the chance to live up to their full potential.”

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“My husband and I are not divorced but have lived apart for many years. Can I still receive Social Security through his record?”

Answer:  Living together is not required for Social Security spousal benefits as a wife or husband. Your individual Social Security Administration retirement amounts might prevent spousal benefits but living apart while married will not. In addition, having lived apart will not…

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