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The Importance of Knowing What You Need to Know  — Financial Planning

The September GAO report (see copy archived on this site) has been thoroughly analyzed in the popular media, with the summary conclusion that Social Security Administration staff needs to improve the quality of counseling it provides to its constituency. An…

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2017 Earnings Test Increases Will Benefit Many  — Motley Fool

Social Security beneficiaries drawing benefits while remaining employed received some good news in the SSA’s list of 2017 program changes. The “earnings test”–the limits beyond which monthly benefits are reduced–have been set to advance by 7.6%, from $15,720 to $16,920. The…

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When to start collecting Social Security? This simple chart may help you decide.  — Motley Fool

What to do?  When to apply?  How long should I wait?  Should I start collecting early?  All of these questions go through the minds of most who are approaching 62, the age at which you become eligible to start collecting…

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How to maximize your Social Security benefit  — Motley Fool

There’s no shortage of advice around about the importance of planning for your retirement, and the critical role that Social Security benefits should play in that plan.  Sometimes the advice can seem complicated and even overwhelming, causing you to throw up your…

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Want some inspiration? Here’s how to be happy in retirement.  — Forbes

What with increased life expectancy, improved health care and, all too often, small savings, many seniors are choosing to continue working even after they reach what Social Security calls their “full retirement age.” Enter an inspirational nonagenarian whose retirement plan…

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“How much do survivors get in benefits?”

Answer: We base survivors benefits on the amount the deceased worker earned during his or her lifetime. See Survivors Planner: How Much Would Your Benefit Be? for more information. Source: Social Security Administration  Notice: The link provided in the text above connects readers to…

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