Social Security financial problems: How they were fixed the last time  —

With all of the publicity about Social Security’s financial woes, you might think that this has never happened before.  But you would be wrong.  Back in the early 1980’s, Social Security finances were in a similar predicament and it was thought…

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Some survivors aren’t getting all they are entitled to  — Investment News

There’s little question that Social Security’s survivor benefits are a lifeline to countless widows and widowers.  Losing one’s spouse is certainly devastating enough, without having to worry about being shorted on the survivor’s benefit that will undoubtedly be crucial to…

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Consider a phased approach to retirement  — The Motley Fool

The prospect of going from a full time career to total retirement might seem either appealing or scary, depending on how ready you really are to jump into your golden years with both feet.  But there’s an alternative that could…

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A Primer on Retirement Planning  — Connecticut Post

Recognizing retirement as a transition rather than an end is a good first-step in building a plan that will minimize the disruption that a major life event of this magnitude can have. Whether it’s preparing for a stable income stream after stepping…

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Another Call for Bipartisan Action on Social Security’s Solvency Predicament

To anyone up-to-speed on the problems facing Social Security in the distant–and not-too-distant–future, the revelations in the 2017 Social Security Trustees Report came as reaffirmation rather than surprise. The horizon for exhaustion of the Trust Funds’ cash reserves is still…

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“Ask Rusty – Delayed Retirement Credits and Restricted Application”

Dear Rusty:  My wife is 66 and not collecting S.S. She wants to wait until age 70 to collect the larger benefit, but I know she could collect now and her payments will grow if she continues to work until…

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