To wait, or not to wait: That is the big Social Security question  — Motley Fool

Whether to file for Social Security at your full retirement age, or wait and make your benefit checks bigger, is a decision that everyone needs to make once they become eligible for benefits.  Deciding what age to file, of course,…

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A Social Security conundrum: Taxing Social Security benefits  — Motley Fool

Way back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, changes were made to the Social Security program which meant that if a recipient’s income level exceeded certain thresholds, a portion of their Social Security benefits would become taxable.  An amendment passed in…

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“Un-retirement”? More and more retirees are returning to the work force  — Kaiser Health News

When you’re working full time and dealing with stressful 40-plus hour work weeks filled with issues, it’s easy to conjure up an image of retirement as spending your days absorbed in a book in the shade of swaying palm trees on a…

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Rubio on Social Security Spending Cuts  — The Motley Fool

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, in a recent interview with Politico Playbook, endorsed the need for Social Security and Medicare reform. In framing his remarks about Social Security, Rubio suggested “We don’t need to reduce benefits on current retirees or near-term retirees, but…

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Looking Ahead at the “Retirement Crisis”  — Benefits Pro

Despite some media perspectives that there really is no impending “retirement crisis,” BlackRock Retirement Institute’s Executive Director Bruce Wolfe takes the position that those who downplay bleak retirement financial projections may be weighing past and current retirees’ fortunes too heavily. “For those…

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“Ask Rusty – Social Security Credit for Military Pay”

Dear Rusty:  I have tried to contact Social Security many times but been put on hold for over 40 minutes, received no call back, etc.  Also, I tried to find out online at my S.S. account, but got no answers…

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