We can fix Social Security.

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This Medicare Mess Could Delay Your Retirement  — The Motley Fool

Healthcare costs are one of the biggest threats to your finances after you retire, and retirees rely on the Medicare program to help them cover the bulk of those costs. Yet Medicare has a huge financial time bomb that constantly…

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Why the Real Social Security Crisis Will Start in 2020  — The Motley Fool

Social Security has a substantial funding gap. According to its trustees’ best projections. its Disability Insurance Trust Fund will run out of money next year. Its Old-Age and Survivors Trust Fund will empty in 2034. If those two trust funds are…

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Uncle Sam Is Coming After Your Savings  — Bloomberg

Earlier in the week, I discussed the Obama administration’s proposal to tax earnings on so-called 529 college savings plans, part of a package of tax hikes that will pay for new programs such as his proposal to make the first…

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These taxes are going up, sooner or later  — Yahoo Finance

Budget softies argue there’s no need to worry about a federal money crunch now, since Washington’s annual deficit is falling, the economy’s picking up, and the Treasury can still borrow at remarkably low rates. All true. But barring an economic…

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Don’t Tax The Rich To Benefit The Middle Class, Help The Poor Instead  — Forbes

In his State of the Union Speech, President Obama called for tax increases on the rich in order to pass out goodies to the middle class. In particular, he wants to raise capital gains taxes on the rich and use…

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Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin

“There’s a reason we take a day off to celebrate the 4th of July and not the 15th of April. Because in America we value our independence from the government, not our dependence on it.”

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“I’m single with no kids…who will get my survivor’s Social Security benefits?”

Complete Question: I’m currently 71 years old and started getting my Social Security payments about 5 years ago. I have no children, wife, or other dependents. I was only married once for a brief period when I was in my…

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