Thoughts on Re-branding Social Security  — Benefits Pro

Economists and Congressional Representatives seem to be developing an increasing awareness of the problematic use of the term “entitlements” to describe Social Security benefits. Rep. John Larson (D-CT) perhaps sums it up best with this statement quoted by Benefits Pro columnist…

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Social Security’s Compassionate Allowances  — Santa Ynez Valley News

In a post today on Santa Ynez Valley News, Social Security Administration public affairs specialist Jackie Zaragoza shares thoughts and insights into the assistance available to cancer victims via Social Security’s compassionate allowances provisions. As her post suggests, expedited access…

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What if Congress doesnt fix Social Security, what can future retirees do?  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

According to a recent survey by Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBI), only seven percent of American workers are very confident that Social Security will pay them benefits in retirement equal to the benefits being paid to current Social Security recipients. Yet…

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Building a realistic retirement strategy  — U.S. NEWS

Working Americans are primarily on their own when it comes to retirement planning. According to a recent survey, 65 percent say they’re confident in their financial future but just half have a long-term financial plan. The survey also found, among…

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Next tax reform may address retirement accounts  — TAX FOUNDATION

In the United States, basically there are 15 general types of retirement plans, and many of these plans have their own sets of rules on contribution limits, tax deduction limits, and guidelines when savers can contribute and withdraw their funds.…

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“Ask Rusty – Collecting Social Security while Working”

Dear Rusty:  I’m trying to assist my spouse with her rapidly approaching age 62 when she can get her Social Security benefits. Currently she is working almost a full 40-hour week and her 2017 gross earnings were $29,000. If she…

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