Customer Service Chaos at Social Security

Talk to anyone who has tried to contact Social Security, and you’ll hear approximately the same story: the wait time on hold to speak with an agent was frustratingly long – often an hour or more – and often the…

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Time to Face Facts: Some Social Security Cuts Will Be Necessary!

Here is a sobering reality: unless Congress reforms Social Security soon there will be an across-the-board cut in monthly benefits for everyone – even those already collecting – in about a decade. Here’s some more news: As life expectancy has…

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Medicare’s “Guaranteed Issue” Rule for Part B

Medicare can sure be a slippery slope! For those who enroll in Medicare Part B during their Initial Enrollment Period (your “IEP,” which starts 3 months before the month you turn 65 and ends 3 months after the month you…

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Hidden Downside to Big 2023 COLA Increase

How could there be a downside to the big 8.7% cost of living adjustment all Social Security recipients will get starting in 2023? Consider this: the 2023 COLA is an “after the fact” increase because you’ve already been paying highly…

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What Does Social Security’s Future Look Like?

These days, there is no shortage of articles about Social Security, most of which lament the program’s current financial circumstances and feed into worries that future Americans may not be able to enjoy the fruits of paying into the program…

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Ask Rusty – Will My Wife’s Benefit Change My Claiming Decision?

Dear Rusty: I’ll be 69 in April 2023, and my wife will be 59 later this month. I’m still working and am trying to determine whether I should take Social Security at 69 or 70. My main question revolves around…

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