We can fix Social Security.

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Are the Democrats allowing Social Security to twist in the wind?  — Los Angeles Times

In these waning days of the Democratic Senate, the majority is taking advantage of a muffed procedural maneuver by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to confirm a passel of otherwise stalled executive branch appointees. Carolyn W. Colvin, who President Obama nominated last…

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Senate Cancels Vote on Obama Social Security Pick  — ABC News

President Barack Obama’s pick to head the Social Security Administration has run into more trouble after Senate Democrats canceled a procedural vote on her nomination. Obama nominated Carolyn W. Colvin to a six-year term as commissioner in June, and Colvin’s…

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House Slashes IRS Budget, Now Up To The Senate

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen was prepared for the worst and that was pretty much what he got from the House. With just weeks remaining before the new tax season opens, the House walloped the embattled agency with $350…

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America Continues to Thrive  — National Review

Put simply, millions of quiet, determined Americans get up every morning and tune out the incompetence and corruption of their government. They simply ignore destructive fads of popular culture. They have no time for the demagoguery of their politicians and…

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Sessions Vows to Fight “Harder Than Ever Before” Against Obama’s Amnesty Funding in Spending Bill  — Townhall.com

Late Thursday night the House of Representatives passed a $1.1 trillion spending package. Although the legislation takes minor steps to limit funding for Homeland Security through February, the legislation does not take immediate steps to defund President Obama’s recent executive…

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“Does my Social Security estimate change if I stop working at 62?”

Full Question: I am planning on retiring at 62 . My social security estimator claims I will get about 1800.00. If I wait till I’m 66 the number is much higher. My question is if I retire at 62 and do…

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