We can fix Social Security.

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Free Markets – The Only Aspect of Healthcare that Actually Works!  — AMAC Foundation Staff

Dr. John Goodman, widely regarded healthcare author and speaker, addressed the AMAC Foundation’s Healthcare Symposium last month in Washington and delved into a number of pivotal issues facing the delivery of medical services today in America. Beginning with a perceptive…

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The Importance of Engaging Physicians-in-Training  — AMAC Foundation Staff

Speaking at last month’s AMAC Foundation Healthcare Symposium in Washington, Benjamin Rush Institute Executive Director Dr. Beth Haynes addressed the Institute’s quest to ignite principled civil discourse within the medical education community. Dr. Haynes, a former private practitioner with board…

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Medicine and Politics—How They Go Hand-in-Hand  — AMAC Foundation Staff

Arizona State Senator (5th District) Kelli Ward energized the audience at last month’s AMAC Foundation Healthcare Symposium in Washington with a discussion on some of the unique, state-level initiatives undertaken in her state. Due to her somewhat unique blend of…

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AMAC Symposium Speaker Warns on Narrow Provider Networks  — AMAC Foundation Staff

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, American Enterprise Institute Resident Fellow, provided an extensive address titles “Medical Policy Development Update” at last month’s AMAC Foundation Health Care Symposium in Washington. Dr. Gottlieb, a practicing physician, carefully explained many of the Act’s nuances, focusing…

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Quality Health Care for Life—A Mandate for Veterans that Must be Kept  — AMAC Foundation Staff

Lt. Gen. (U.S. Marine Corp. Ret.) Jack Klimp’s presentation at last month’s AMAC National Health Care Symposium in Washington stressed that the Department of Defense must keep its promise of providing quality health care for life for retiring armed services…

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Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona State Senator (5th District)

“I’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects of Arizona’s past Medicare expansion; and that’s why I continue to oppose future expansion.” (See today’s headline post)

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“How do you correct Social Security errors?”

Full Question: I am 64. I recently reviewed my Social Security summary online and saw that it does not have an accurate listing of my income, so the projections of my benefits aren’t accurate either. How do I correct these errors?…

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