Maximizing your Social Security benefit  — Motley Fool

Assuming you have met or exceeded Social Security’s “payroll tax cap” each year in the 35 years used to compute your benefit, the “maximum” amount of Social Security – the maximum primary insurance amount  you’d be entitled to if you retire in 2017…

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Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan: Which is best?  — Orange Country Register

Influenced by Medicare’s Open Enrollment period, which runs now through December 7th, many seniors are focused on which of the multiple Medicare options is best for them.  If you’re new to Medicare, then deciding on whether to go with original Medicare or a Medicare…

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The Medicare Open Enrollment window is open.  — CNBC

The Medicare Open Enrollment window opened on October 15th and runs through December 7th.  It’s during this time that you should evaluate your current Medicare Advantage plan to make sure it’s the best one for you and, if appropriate, make…

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Preventing Social Security from Garnishment  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

Social Security benefits for most retirees are a significant percentage of their monthly income, so having your money garnished by a creditor is scary. The garnishment of your Social Security benefits could reduce your retirement income to the point where…

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The Major Problem with this Common Retirement Income Advice  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

In your research on how much you’ll need in retirement to live on, you’ve probably come across the common advice that you need to replace 80 percent of your pre-retirement income. But, remember the old saying “rules are meant to…

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“Ask Rusty – SSDI and the Ticket to Work Program”

Dear Rusty: I am 60 and currently getting Social Security Disability, but I would like to return to work as much as possible. I am concerned with how my earned income would affect my Social Security at age 65 (or…

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