We can fix Social Security.

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Employers who look beyond disabilities find dedicated workers  — Star Tribune

Nearly a decade ago, Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Anderson, a can-do guy out of suburban St. Paul who was a state high school wrestling champion, was decorated for pulling a wounded buddy out of the line of fire in Iraq.…

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Labor force excludes many Americans who desperately need jobs  — The Los Angeles Times

An unemployed man once told me that looking for work was the hardest job he’d ever had. And here’s the thing: the longer you look, the harder it gets. Bernard Stewart Prosise of West Hollywood is Exhibit A. In 2009,…

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Medicare Will Settle Short-Term Care Bills  — The New York Times

Sharply criticized by Congress and others, Medicare quietly announced on Friday that it would settle hundreds of thousands of hospital appeals over bills for short-term care, by offering deals that could add up to several hundred million dollars. The decision…

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The Good News About Medicare and the Budget  — The New Yorker

The Times’ Upshot team has posted a fascinating chart, derived from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s data, which shows that the cost of Medicare is rising more slowly than analysts had expected. In 2006, the C.B.O. projected that annual Medicare outlays per person would rise…

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Medicare: Not Such a Budget-Buster Anymore  — New York Times

You’re looking at the biggest story involving the federal budget and a crucial one for the future of the American economy. Every year for the last six years in a row, the Congressional Budget Office has reduced its estimate for…

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Diane Oakley, Ex. Dir. Nat’l Institute on Retirement Security

“You always hear people saying that Social Security wasn’t designed to be the only source of retirement income. But the reality is, unless you’re in the top 25 percent of income, Social Security is your only resource for retirement. (See…

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“My application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) based on my disability was recently denied. Can I appeal the decision?”

Answer: Yes, if you disagree with a disability decision made on your claim, you can appeal it. The steps you can take are explained in our online publication, Your Right To Question A Decision Made On Your Supplemental Security Income (SSI)…

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