We can fix Social Security.

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AMAC Symposium Speaker Cites Obamacare as a “Horrific Bad Idea”  — AMAC Staff

In an address titled “Approaches To Achieving Medicare Sustainability” presented at last month’s AMAC Foundation National Health Care Symposium in Washington, American Action Forum President Dr. Douglas Holtz-Eakin indicated that the Affordable Care Act in its original form had the…

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AMAC Symposium Speaker Calls for Insurance Market Overhaul  — AMAC Staff

In an address titled “Principles for a New Health Care Program,” presented at last month’s AMAC National Health Care Symposium in Washington, Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow Robert E. Moffit called for major overhaul of the our country’s health insurance markets…

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Disability Is Not Just a Metaphor  — The Atlantic

“Freaks” are having a moment. The Kennedy Center’s acclaimed production of Side Show, about conjoined sisters at the circus, is rumored to be mulling a move to Broadway. The next season of American Horror Story will, similarly, be about a freak show. And in recent months there…

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Social Security Disability Taxation – Curious And Confusing According to Tax Court

The treatment of social security disability payments is probably one of the more unfair aspects of the Internal Revenue Code.  Every once in a while you will see it sneak up on somebody, which highlights the unfairness.  The Tax Court…

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Will High U.S. National Debt Kill Social Security Benefits Programs In 2015?

The 2014 unemployment extension bill keeps getting kicked down the road by Congress, but it’s possible that a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) may indicate hard times ahead for Social Security programs in general, including unemployment benefits. In…

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“When do I get credit for my 2013 earnings?”

Full Question: I retired effective January 2014, so my current Social Security payment only reflects earnings through 2012. When will my retirement amount include 2013 wages? What do I need to do to make that happen? Answer: Earnings for 2013 are automatically…

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