About the quality of service at your local Social Security office  — HuffPost

The stories are many from those who have tried to call or visit their Social Security office. Exceptionally long hold times on the phone, even longer wait times if you venture to visit the Social Security office, and just plain…

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How long will your retirement last?  — Motley Fool

Plenty of advice is available for those approaching retirement, and most of it focuses almost entirely on the financial aspects of your golden years.  Mainly, most advisors will tell you, you should strive to build your nest egg as large as…

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When to claim Social Security – a handy chart  — Motley Fool

The perennial question asked by those approaching Social Security’s minimum eligibility age of 62 is “When should I claim my benefits?”.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single chart which would show the ramifications of claiming benefits at…

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Social Security won’t go bankrupt, but benefits could shrink  — Motley Fool

It has been fairly well published that Social Security has it’s financial woes, and some even use the term “bankrupt” to describe the future of this important program.  In fact, Social Security is critically important for those 34% of beneficiaries for whom Social…

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Personal defined-benefit plan  — MARKETWATCH

Corporate defined-benefit plans fell out of favor a few years ago; however, and few investors are even aware that they still exist, they are called personal defined-benefit plan. A personal defined-benefit plan provides a guaranteed payout in your retirement years…

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“Ask Rusty – Suspending Benefits to Return to Work”

Dear Rusty:   At age 63 I applied for Social Security benefits after double knee replacement. I am considering returning to work and am curious whether to stop benefits while working. Is it a better avenue to continue to receive benefits…

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