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Supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act

(By – Phil Gambino, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications, Social Security is committed to the principles and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to improve the lives of our beneficiaries and our employees who have one or more disabilities. You…

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Social Security Is Under Fire But It Is Here to Stay

(By – Jamie Hopkins, Forbes Contributor) For the past few years, the Annual Social Security Trustee Report has effectively served as a yearly reminder to the American public of the grave funding issues threatening the solvency of the most important retirement…

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Christie slams 2016 opponents for being ‘vague’

(By – Jordain Carney, The Hill) “I heard a candidate complain the other day that, you know, ‘my positions’ — meaning that candidate’s positions — ‘on comments I made about entitlement reform are being misconstrued by the press.’ Well, it’s…

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Save the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund

(By – J Patrick Gromek, While many in the media are consumed with presidential politics, national scandals and foreign crises, the tide has been slowly rising on a serious concern closer to home — at least for older and disabled Americans.  A…

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Retirement Readiness: How Gen X and Gen Y Really Picture Their Futures

(By Molly Triffin, Pop quiz! Who’s most worried about retirement: a) baby boomers, b) Gen Xers or c) Millennials? You’re probably thinking boomers, seeing as their golden years are just around the corner. But according to a new Merrill Edge survey, Gen…

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“Is Marriage Required for Widow’s Benefits?”

Full Question: My question is that my mother did not marry my father, but she was with him for 11 years before he died in a car accident. We, the children, all received Social Security check money. When we got older,…

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