Social Security Solvency: A Perspective

Considering all the media exposure the topic has received in recent years, you’re likely already aware that Social Security is facing some financial issues in the not-too-distant future. To be exact, 2033 is when the program’s Trustees currently project Social…

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About Medicare Advantage and Prior Authorizatons

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, often referred to as Medicare Part C, are healthcare insurance plans that replace “original Medicare,” often doing so at little to no additional cost, while simultaneously offering additional services. The combination of additional services at low/no…

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Memorial Day – A Time for Reflection

On this solemn day, we pause to reflect upon the ultimate sacrifice made by so many Americans. Earlier this month we celebrated Armed Forces Day honoring all currently serving in our armed forces, and in November we will celebrate Veterans…

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Will fixing Social Security fall to the Millennial generation?

With the many perspectives on how the Social Security dilemma will play out, this article by Kerry Hannon for Yahoo Finance ponders on a scenario where Millennials take the hit. Read here… As an example of the leading thoughts on…

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Another View of Social Security Insolvency

By now we all know that if Congress does not act the Social Security trust fund will run out of money in approximately a decade. There are several reasons for this including a decline in the working population and longer…

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“Ask Rusty – I’m Working after age 65; Why Aren’t I Exempt from Medicare Part B Premium?”

Dear Rusty: Why, as I continue to work after age 65 and have FICA taxes taken from my check, am I – or anyone – also compelled under the threat of penalties, rate increases, etc. to immediately take Medicare Part…

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