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Social Security Cuts Punish Middle Class

(By – Amanda Lott, Financial Advisor) In April 2015, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey made some strong recommendations about the need for changes to Social Security. One facet of his 12-point plan was to increase the full retirement age…

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Social Security Overpays Beneficiaries $38 Billion Over 10 Years

(By – Emma Boone, Americans for Tax Reform) According to the United States Social Security website, the Social Security Administration (SSA) funds two of the biggest beneficiary programs, the Social Security Disability Insurance program and the Supplement Security Income program.…

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Final SSA Rule on Government Pension Offset Exemptions Effective July 15

(By – ASPPA Net Staff) The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced that it has adopted a final rule that revises its government pension offset (GPO) regulations. The rule will be effective on July 15. The final regulations are a…

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Paul Ryan criticizes Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare subsidies

(By – Tom Howell Jr. – The Washington Times) Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, said Sunday the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare’s subsidies in all the states is a “grave injustice” to the…

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So you want to file for Social Security at 62?

(By – Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press) What do you do when you turn 62? Do you file for Social Security benefits as early as possible at 62? Hold off until 66? Or wait until age 70 to receive the maximum benefit? It’s…

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“Social Security: To Draw or Not to Draw? That Is the Question”

General Discussion: I have just turned 66. All my friends, family, colloquies, and people in line at Walmart tell me I should apply for benefits since now I can draw “Full” benefits and keep working, which is the boomer generations equivalent…

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