Learn the Social Security basics before you decide  — Motley Fool

Social Security is, without question, one of the most important elements of your retirement strategy. That’s why it’s extremely important that you learn the basics of this program that will be providing you with income for the rest of your…

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More on the Benefit of Delaying Social Security Benefits  — Winston-Salem Journal

Writing in the Winston-Salem Journal, financial planner Larry Hungerford provides a fairly detailed explanation of the overall advantages associated with waiting to full retirement age–and beyond–to begin drawing Social Security benefits. Citing the “76 percent difference between beginning Social Security at…

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An Update on the Case for Social Security Reform  — Motley Fool

As the calendar continues its relentless march toward 2034, and as media accounts of what this date means to the solvency of Social Security repeatedly surface, there continues to be a clear message that near-term progress to address the problem is unlikely.…

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Understanding Social Security’s Disability Provisions  — The Motley Fool

Social Security includes the largest disability program in the nation, with millions of people current receiving disability benefits for themselves and their dependents. These benefits provide a means to replace some of the income that has been lost through inability to function in the…

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Tax Advantages of Deferring Social Security Benefits  — Kiplinger

Conventional wisdom–indeed, the prevailing reason most people are advised to wait to age 70 if they can to file for Social Security benefits–is that the monthly payout is greatest at that point, having grown by 32% due to Delayed Retirement…

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“Ask Rusty – Legal Non-Citizen Resident Gets Spousal Benefits”

Dear Rusty:  We have gone to the Social Security office because we were told that my husband might be eligible to receive Social Security benefits, but they told him he had not worked enough quarters and that he could not…

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