Three options to consider when planning your retirement spending

According to the 2018 version of Gallup’s annual survey about American’s biggest financial worries, not having enough money to fund their retirement topped the list for the 16th year in a row. However, having enough money is only half of…

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Steer clear of these mistakes if want more money in your retirement  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

If there is one thing most retirees agree on, running out of money during retirement is a concern even for people with healthy nest eggs. No one wants to experience cash flow problems especially when you are older, but if you…

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Five things that can help all Americans understand and maximize their Social Security benefits  — THE MOTLEY FOOL

The Social Security program is extremely important to the financial security of millions of Americans in retirement; however, many Americans don’t understand Social Security, especially those who haven’t yet reached retirement age.  The attached article gives five Social Security tips that can…

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The Crisis in Social Security Demands Action by Congress  — Knox News

Conwell Hooper of the American Senior Alliance argues for action now to shore up Social Security’s finances.  Currently, over 62 million Americans received Social Security benefits.  Hooper calls it “frightening” when referring to the Trustees Report released last month that noted for the…

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Social Security payments after death of a spouse  — Making Sense

There are a myriad of rules and regulations regarding Social Security benefits, and they are quite complex to the layperson. In this post, Phillip Moeller describes what happens to the Social Security benefits both spouses were receiving when one dies. …

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“Ask Rusty – Going Back to Work after Retiring”

Dear Rusty:  I am 63 ½ and I am officially retiring from my job on August 1st because I’m physically unable to do the work anymore. I have qualified for a pension from work and I also want to start…

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