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The “Retirement Crisis” in America  — The L.A. Times

There has been much discourse recently on a “retirement crisis” in America. This crisis boils down to the difficulty in or the ineptitude of Americans to properly save and plan for retirement. Social Security is a great boon to those…

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Rethinking Retirement Planning  — Forbes

One of the biggest fears among Baby Boomers is outliving their retirement savings. Over half of retirees share this sentiment. The best way to alleviate this fear is to have a full comprehensive plan laid out before you reach retirement.…

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Newest Trustee Report on Social Security

The newest report from the trustees of the Social Security Administration was just released this week. This report shows information such as how the trust fund is doing, how funding is going, and whether we are on track for benefit…

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The Options to Fix Social Security  — The Hill

Most people realize and accept that there is a looming problem with Social Security. Recent reports have shown that the trust fund will run dry in fewer than 2 decades. We are running out of time and must stop passing…

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On Social Security Insolvency  — Time

The most recent report by the trustees of the Social Security System says that the program is on track to run out of funding by 2034. This backs up previous reports by both the trustees and outside research groups that…

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“Where can I get a copy of the Death Master File?”

Answer: The National Technical Information Service distributes the Death Master File online. It contains more than 85 million records of deaths reported to Social Security from 1936 to the present. Source: Social Security Administration Notice: The link provided in the text above connects…

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