The Social Security Rule That is Costing Seniors Billions

Kailey Hagen explains the chatter about what is changing for Social Security in 2024. Essentially it is the typical yearly changes tied to inflation that affect benefits, the wage base, and how much can be earned through working and collecting.…

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Where does the GOP field stand on Social Security?

Savannah Kuchar of USA Today reviews the GOP presidential field and where they stand now and in the past on Social Security. One candidate called the program a Ponzi Scheme, one that should be privatized, and favored a retirement age…

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Nikki Haley is unafraid to talk Social Security & Medicare reform

Fredreka Schouten of CNN explains that GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley is seemingly alone in acknowledging we have federal entitlement programs we simply cannot afford. Haley is open to increasing the Social Security retirement age for today’s younger workers and…

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Op-ed: Raising Social Security Retirement Age Can Help Ease Insolvency issue

Brenton Smith, a policy adviser to the Heartland Institute, explains there is no one solution to fix Social Security’s ills. The program will be unable to pay full benefits in about a decade. Raising the retirement age should be a…

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AMAC: Social Security’s Very Real Problems Explained– in Plain English

This FAQ page was written by Jeff Szymanski, who works in political communications for the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC). He previously taught high school economics for 15 years and is a frequent writer on Social Security issues. The…

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“Ask Rusty – I’m Returning to Work; What Should I Do About Social Security?”

Dear Rusty: I started collecting Social Security at age 62 earlier this year. I had an opportunity to partner in a new business this year that will allow me to earn about $200,000 in 2024. Because this is significantly above…

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