Rubio in Myrtle Beach, advocates reasonable changes to Social Security

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio’s campaign visited Myrtle Beach Friday, discussing many of the main aspects of his political platform. During a breakfast speech, he touched on Social Security, suggesting potential modifications that he characterized as “not outrageous and unreasonable changes.”…

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AMAC President Airs Thoughts on Early Retirement Account and More

Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) Founder and President Dan Weber appeared today on David Holland’s “Real Money Radio” program, discussing a series of issues currently active on the Association’s agenda. Leading off with an explanation of the Early Retirement…

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CBPP provides additional insights on Social Security Trustees’ Report

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) provides an analysis of the 2015 Social Security Trustees’ Report, with comments on key points from the report and thoughts on what direction Congress needs to do to achieve solvency in a…

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Dealing with Social Security’s complexities…take time to verify the answers you receive

Liz Reston, Reuters columnist, provides guidance for seniors on the importance of researching and fact-checking the responses they receive to questions about their options on Social Security. The article, titled “Retirees need to fact-check Social Security advice,” provides insights into what…

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Potential changes to Affordable Care Act under review…

Congressional leaders are examining a number of options for amendment to the Affordable Care Act, all of which appear to be leading toward a legislative package that may move forward in the coming months. National Journal writer Dylan Scott outlines…

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“I invested in my former place of employment, a privately held company. They recently announced that they have filed for an IPO. Once the company goes public, am I taxed at a capital-gains rate or at my full income-tax rate? Also, as a former employee, can I withdraw the funds immediately, or is there a waiting period?”

Answer: The Initial Public Offering does not trigger any taxation. Taxes only apply when you sell the shares. Any gains over your cost-basis are taxed as capital gains. If you sell shares you have owned for less than 12 months for…

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