Some Reasons to Delay Claiming Benefits  —

While a large number of people aging into Social Security eligibility elect to file for benefits at the early age of 62, there are several key reasons why the reverse–deferring to full retirement age or later–make sense. The Motley Fool’s Selena…

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Medicare: A historical perspective  — Huffington Post

The Medicare program came into being in 1965, but the road to get there started much earlier in the 1940’s.  This Huffington Post article by contributor Kathleen Weldon looks back over the history of Medicare and how it went from…

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When you apply for benefits has a big impact on what you get  —

For many approaching retirement, one of their biggest decisions will be when to start collecting their Social Security benefits, and when those benefits start will determine how much your monthly payment will be.  Social Security’s “full retirement age” is the…

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Is Social Security selling “longevity insurance”?  — Seattle Times

Far too many people start their Social Security benefit as soon as they’re eligible at 62 years of age, but are they hurting themselves in the long run?  Though many, including Social Security employees, will tell you that the program…

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Working longer can mean a much better retirement  — Chicago Tribune

With steadily increasing longevity now resulting in as much as several decades in retirement, working a little bit longer can have a significantly positive impact on your retirement.  From continued employee benefits, to fatter nest eggs and larger Social Security checks,…

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“Are members of religious groups exempt from paying Social Security taxes?”

Answer: Members of certain religious groups (including the Amish and Mennonites) may be exempt from paying Social Security taxes. To become exempt, they must: Waive their rights to all benefits under the Social Security Act, including hospital insurance benefits; and Meet…

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