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COLA Watch: 2020

It’s way too early to project what the numbers will show when it’s time to post the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2020, but at least one source is saying a return to the zero COLA days might be in the offing. This article by CNBC’s Lorie Konish reports on comments from The Senior Citizens League’s Mary Johnson. She cites “lower energy prices and slower food price growth” as factors contributing her projection. Check out her post here… 


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  1. They make sure the costs are low for the three months that determine an increase or not-July, August, September. Then they raise the prices after that. I don’t care because they take one quarter of my SS check for federal taxes. How unfair is that? How about lowering the taxes on SS income? I help support a grown daughter. She could be taking from the system but me contributing to her income helps her stay off the publ9ic dole. Still, I am taxed!

  2. When the many who hold office, have lots of money, what makes you think that they actually care about giving more money to the needs of others, who needs. Shame on the politicians who look the other way knowing the SENIORS are in trouble with the cost of living, raises of 1-2%, There needs to be a catch-up amount applied to loss we have suffered 33% less spending power since 2000. The way the raises are compiled with CPI-W looks at young workers, we need the CPI-E, Looks at Elderly Consumers, taking in considering the real facts of the cost of living, Medicare, Prescription drugs, Part B Payment from our Social Security, Rent , Ins etc, We can start by the Seniors not paying Medicare Part B $135.50, give us a immediate increase, then CPI-E, Congress do your job, and the seniors need to rise up!

  3. I’m almost 75, lawyer never told me 9 yrs to go under his soc. sec. and 21 yrs military had to be 10 yrs also. after I was divorced I was getting approx. 50/60 % to the mans dollar. now I get 1541.00 per month and eating pasta and hot dogs. medicare gone up , co pays up, procedures up, food up gaso. up , auto. ins. up, minimum cable up, phone up, lot rent for a mobile lot/dirt, I own a broken down mobile and lot is almost $600.00 a month at my age over the counter products I pay per month, clothes I now go to a thrift store only when necessary. I could go on and on. other (mostly women have been and still are in this situation of finances, no wonder this age group and older went on welfare system. this is not the first time this hurtful subject with mostly women has been brought up. I think it is about time someone helped us. HELP US……………..

  4. Democrats want to do something and have a bill H.R.860/S.269 to do just that, Moscow Mitch in the Senate won’t pass it and trump won’t sign “The Social Security 2100 Act” into law, We need as the Visine TV Commercial said To Get The RED Out…

    • They have a suggestion that they limit the amount of taxes withheld on SS income up to 50,000 dollars. Why that arbitrary amount. People who have 401K savings will still have to pay taxes on their SS income. How uinfair is that?

  5. I understand that Congress gave themselves a $40,000 a year raise they have done nothing absolutely nothing this year yet they got a raise would Congress like all of us just to die when the cost of living goes up by 1 or 2% and the real Facts of Life it’s more like five six 7% all of Congress needs to be replaced they need to resign and who set it up that the Rays or not is based on only 3 months you can go into bankruptcy you can do anything with the other nine they don’t give a damn

  6. Why can’t or why will Congress not adjust the amount you can earn before your social security is taxed? It is based on 1984 and has not been raised to keep up with inflation.

    • Because Congress only gives themselves raises! And they don’t deserve what they make now!

      Meanwhile, all us 70+ year old people have to suffer unless we go back to work!!!

  7. What can be done of penalties Medicare and new red white and blue card..made no sense..I visit local area office and make calls of local exchange and 800 I am being directed to local area dhs..qmb food stamps and income below property level..I received 20.$..of increase 2019..if of question I have to put my account on my phone of which I did not want to at all I have an in house phone bug..second question my former employer of reti paid in what of that …HELP can you assist..

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