The Ever-Changing Saga of the Economic Impact Payment Checks

Today is April 10, Good Friday, and there’s a new round of information on the airwaves about the much-anticipated release of the economic impact payments included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act President Trump signed into law March 27. Despite yesterday’s announcements that a portion of the payments would begin showing up in bank accounts April 9, the Detroit Free Press now reports that  … stimulus cash will begin flooding into millions of bank accounts next week in the first wave of payouts to shore up the nation’s wallets.”

Yes, it’s confusing, and the conflicting reports of release dates for the anxiously awaited payments tend to frustrate those in dire need of the funding to meet immediate needs. But there are a lot of moving parts in this program, and the intricacies of arranging for implementation of a program of this magnitude in a matter of weeks can be astounding. The Detroit Free Press article offers some additional clarity to the issue, reporting that “Millions of taxpayers will begin receiving the extra money to pay rent, groceries and other bills as early as next week, possibly by April 15.” The article also discusses the succeeding waves of payment releases anticipated following next week, as well as the steps planned for those without the advantage of direct deposit to receive their payment.

The article concludes with a recap of the details on the payments themselves and the taxability of the payments. Access the Detroit Free Press here….


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    • Rachel:

      If your friend is receiving her SSI payments electronically, she should be in the first wave of payments supposedly underway right now. According to, these payments should be in accounts this week. If she is not receiving payments electronically, she should use the IRS “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” web portal to submit her information so the IRS knows where to direct the payment. You can access this web portal at this address:

      Gerry Hafer
      AMAC Foundation, Inc.

      CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The opinions and interpretations expressed in this message are the viewpoints of the message’s author, a trained advisor accredited under the National Social Security Advisors program of the National Social Security Association, LLC (NSSA). The author, the NSSA, and the AMAC Foundation are not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Government, the Social Security Administration, or any other state government.

  1. I know someone who is single and has 7 children all under the age of 17. She only receives state cash welfare assistance and food stamps. I don’t think she is eligible for the stimulus check but she insists she is. Can you confirm or deny please? She’s planning on receiving the money.

    • Kathy:

      Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act’s provisions, Americans having a valid Social Security number, are not dependents on someone else’s tax return, and meet certain income guidelines will receive direct cash assistance. The upper income limits for eligibility are $75,000 for single tax filers, and $150,000 for married couples filing jointly. If she meets these requirements, she is eligible for a stimulus payment. If she has not filed income tax returns in 2018 or 2019, she will need to use the IRS “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” web portal to submit her information so the IRS knows where to direct the payment. she can access this web portal at this address: In fact, she should probably go this route anyway, since she likely doesn’t receive any direct payments from Social Security and her information would not be on file.

      If she needs assistance, ask her to contact our Social Security Advisory Service at 888-750-2622 or email at

      Gerry Hafer
      AMAC Foundation, Inc.

  2. It’s been very confusing when social security beneficiaries will actually start recieving there stimulus package, I’ve heard we get it with the first set of checks and I’ve also heard it was the second set of checks. I’m very confused. As some of us are truly relying on it to be able to live and catch up on some bills or haven’t been able to pay rent

    • Tammy:

      As we understand it, the IRS plan is to begin releasing payments the week of April 13. An article in the Detroit Free Press today notes that “The first group — estimated to cover 50 million to 70 million Americans — would cover people who have already given their bank account information to the Internal Revenue Service.” Since the Social Security Administration already has your information, and assuming you receive your Social Security payments electronically, you will likely be included in this first wave of payments.

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Gerry Hafer
      AMAC Foundation, Inc.

  3. I took the liberty of filing with Turbotax-IRS portal just to make sure IRS has my direct deposit info. I receive SSI was that the right thing to do in light of all the confusion about who have to file taxes to get payments?

    • Ronald:

      As noted in today’s headline article on this site, a press release by Treasury and the IRS late yesterday announced the “web portal” promised for non-filers to submit their information for stimulus payments is now available. When accessing the portal, folks will see the words “This service is delivered by Intuit.” Since Turbo Tax is a product of Intuit, we believe you can assume your use of the Turbotax-IRS portal will suffice to get your information to the right place.

      Thanks for contacting us!

      Gerry Hafer
      AMAC Foundation, Inc.

  4. Does SSI recipients get a stimulus check without having to file taxes or not? Too much confusing information concerning SSI YOU HAVE my direct deposit info already.

    • Ronald:

      The most recent statements we’ve seen indicate that stimulus checks will be deposited the same way Social Security and SSI benefits are deposited. So, we believe you can expect your payment to arrive just like your SSI payment.

      Thanks for contacting the AMAC Foundation.

      Gerry Hafer
      AMAC Foundation, INc.

      • This is so confusing will the SSI recipients also get part of the stimulus package even though they don’t file taxes and how would they know we have SSI and direct deposit if we don’t pay taxes to the IRS? Can somebody please explain this to me cuz I’m very confused and will this affect my SSI check and will I have to pay it back?

        Colette Foy

        • Collette:

          Thanks for contacting us. Yes, this is a confusing time, with announcements and procedural changes coming at all of us daily…sometimes multiple times in a day. On your SSI-related questions, the short answer to your first question is yes, all SSI recipients are eligible for economic impact payments (stimulus payments) unless they are claimed as a dependent on another taxpayer’s return or do not meet the other eligibility rules (e.g., they must have a valid Social Security number). If you haven’t filed income tax returns in 2018 or 2019, there is a web-based way to ensure that the IRS had the data to route your stimulus payment (see today’s headline post on this site), although if you’re receiving your SSI payments through direct deposit they already have what they need to route your payment. Finally, this payment will not have any effect on your SSI payment and you will not be required to pay it back. The stimulus payment will not be considered income for SSI purposes.

          Thanks again for contacting us. We know it’s confusing, so if you have any additional questions, please contact our Social Security Advisory Service at 888-750-2622 or by email at This is a free-to-the=public service.

          Gerry Hafer
          AMAC Foundation, Inc.

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