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How do I know if I’m considered “disabled” by Social Security standards?

Complete Question: I have had a lot of difficulty maintaining a job because of an illness. My friends and family keep telling me to file for disability, but I’m not sure if I qualify. Is there a way to find out without going through the entire application process first?

Answer: Ultimately, you will have to file an application to find out for sure. But you can start by going to Social Security’s website and searching their listing of impairments found here. You will find a separate list for adults and children and you can search the list by body system (for example “Cardiovascular” or “Mental Disorders”). If your illness or impairment is not on the list, then you will have to be evaluated to determine if you qualify as disabled.

Of course there are other requirements for receiving disability, which you can also find in the link provided; however, the determination of being disabled is the first step in the process.

Research Analyst/Certified Social Security Advisor (NSSA)
AMAC Foundation
Notice: If you have any additional questions regarding disability determination, or any other Social Security issue, you can reply below. If you would like to discuss your situation privately, you can email C.J. at cmiles@amacfoundation.com. Please do not provide any personal identification information such as Social Security numbers.

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