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When will Social Security reopen to the public?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has not called employees back to their offices en masse, nor has the agency indicated when it might do so.  Although other agencies have released their reopening plans, neither employees nor the unions that represent the SSA workforce have seen any kind of “reopening plan” from the agency, though they acknowledged it didn’t mean SSA doesn’t have one.  The agency states that all Social Security facilities remain restricted to very limited, authorized personnel performing non-portable mission critical work.” Read their article here…

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    • Please note that this website is not sponsored by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Rather, it is sponsored by The AMAC Foundation, a private non-profit company which assists people with questions about their benefits under the Federal Social Security program. We are aware that the SSA has kept their offices closed to the public during the pandemic, and we understand they are now making some in-person appointments when necessary. But a majority of SS transactions, including name changes, can be done via a telephone appointment. If you call the general SSA number (1.800.772.1213) and request an appointment for changing your name, Social Security will set a date/time to call you to complete that transaction. You may find the information at this link helpful:
      Russell Gloor
      National Social Security Advisor
      The AMAC Foundation

  2. I am adding my mother last’s name to my social security card. Is been approximately six weeks and I still don’t have my card. I submitted my passport for identification and they said my passport was a copy.

  3. I was married on 3/7/2020 shortly before offices closed, I still have been unable to change my name. I don’t have a passport and I refuse to send my drivers license in to the SSA OFFICE, I am coming up to my one year anniversary and still have my maiden name on my license. My sister and daughter in law are in the same situation they were married in June and September. This is ridiculous these offices should be open ! Put safety guidelines in place like they have in every other open facility! Why is a government office remaining closed secretary of state is open by appointment so why not SSA??

  4. I just spent nearly 40 minutes on the phone attempting to obtain answers on how to change my name due to my recent marriage without losing my sensitive documents. I’m convinced the information was inaccurate, because the representative was on the line with me within 5 minutes; however, again I was not confident any information she provided was accurate. I have a passport, so I wouldn’t mind forwarding my sensitive documents, if I had solid information on where to send them via certified mail. Either regulations need to be updated to accommodate citizens or the buildings need to be reopened to service the public. This is ridiculous at this point.

  5. Social security should reopen to the public already, all other government agencies is already open. Im not going to send in my Driver’s License. What if I get pulled over? Or it can get lost in the mail. They making things really complicated right now.

    • Nick:

      Thank you for your comments! We know that many other agencies have re-opened, and hope that the Social Security Administration follows suit soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need any assistance with specific Social Security issues, please contact our Advisory at 888-750-2622 or via email at We’re here to help!

      Gerry Hafer
      AMAC Foundation, Inc.

  6. I’m about 5 minutes from the ssa. Can I go by there drop off my drivers license and his medical card, let them scan it into the system and the can give it back without me going in. My name is Reggie Hodge and I submitted a previous comment on this subject. Thank you. Shreveport is our closest ssa.

    • Reggie, all Social Security offices are temporarily closed to public access, so you will need to provide the required documentation via mail as they requested. It would be best to call your local office first to alert them you will be sending the documentation to that office via certified mail, return receipt requested. Although all offices are closed, they are still working and fully processing all requests. I suggest you make a copy of your drivers license and your son’s medical card for yourself, and attach the return receipt from the Post Office to those documents in the event they are needed before SS returns the originals to you.
      Russell Gloor
      National Social Security Advisor
      The AMAC Foundation

      • What they need to do is reopen,do social distance,and everyone wear mask ,temperature screening at the front door and hand sanitizer

  7. We recently adopted a child and trying to get his name changed on his social security card. SSA in Shreveport want me to mail in my drivers license his medical card since they don’t accept copies. I tried LaWallet but it will not send the 6 digit code to my email. What do I do when LaWallet doesn’t work

  8. When is the Shreveport social security office expected to open?
    Most business have re-opened. Some of us needs to come to the SS office for help in person. On 8/13/2019 I went to SS office and spoke with Ms. Abercrombie. She took all my necessary papers, made copies and completed my paperwork. I get a letter 5/02/2020 during the pandemic stating I’m not qualified for exspouse benefits. SS office lost my paperwork. But everything was in order before I left SS office. What happened?

    • Kathy,
      This website is not affiliated with the Social Security Administration, so we cannot tell you “what happened.” You will need to contact Social Security directly to review your application for ex-spouse benefits. You can contact the national Social Security service center at 1.800.772.1213 and they will be able to assist you.
      Please be aware that Social Security’s rules for ex-spouse benefits are a) you cannot be currently married, b) you must have been married to your ex for at least 10 years, and c) your ex must be already be collecting Social Security (or if not, but eligible, you must be divorced for at least 2 years). Your ex-spouse benefit would also need to be more than you are entitled to from your own lifetime work record.
      Russell Gloor
      National Social Security Advisor
      The AMAC Foundation.

  9. After I read this article, I understand my current situation.

    I immigrated on July 13th having permanent resident visa. I believed in the statement of SSA website ( in which SSA will assign SSN when a immigrant enters USA. I realized it was impossible because there were little agents in FO.

    So I spent 3 weeks in vain waiting my Social Security Card. I sent my SS-5 and other document after I had called FO. The result is another 4 weeks waiting, it’s almost minimum. If SSA website informed current situations exactly, I would prepare another contingency plan.

    I am a lawful permanent resident in the document but can’t buy medical insurance for the worst case, can’t open a bank account appropriately, can’t work or start business lawfully. I can only spend my time and money. If there were
    accidents, I must bear all disadvantages.

    Are there any alternatives?

    • I’m afraid there are no alternatives to working directly with the Social Security Administration to obtain your Social Security Number. It appears as if you have already applied, so Social Security is undoubtedly already working on your request. But, because of the coronavirus pandemic they are working with reduced staff and, in many cases, remote locations. As frustrating as it is, your only alternative is to call Social Security to check on the status of your application for a new Social Security card. But you might also try contacting the Congressional Representative for where you live and asking them to contact Social Security on your behalf. This sometimes expedites applications in process.
      Russell Gloor
      National Social Security Advisor
      The AMAC Foundation

      • Thank you for your advice.
        I called and checked my status. But I don’t want any express way actually. I’ll wait my turn. I can accept this situation. But if I were informed correctly, I would prepare the better things.
        What I really want is the correct information. Everyone I contacted SSA said that the information on the website was the fact before Covid19, before telework. Everyone who contacted SSA recently knows that things will be late. But it seems that many people including USCIS and CBP don’t know this fact. If this status lasts several months more, it seems people need to get the correct information from SSA website like DOL. I got the exact information from DOL website for my driver’s license.
        If we communicate correctly, I believe it will improve this society.

  10. I need a replacement social security card. I am not comfortable with mailing in my drivers license and birth certificate. I understand the website states they will be returned in about two weeks. The point is, other than the potential for loss is high, if I drive my car and do not have my license on me I am breaking the law. Can the SSA use modern technology to verify some info? Can your offices conduct video meetings etc. Something has to give….. Please help, I need my replacement SSCard but don’t want to break the law doing so.

      • I do not consider your response a resolution to this problem. This is what I get after I sign on:

        Social Security Card Replacement
        We’re sorry. We cannot process your request.

        You cannot request a replacement card online.

        Please contact your local office if you need a replacement card.

        Please advise

        • I live in Ohio and was born in Nebraska, neither being a restricted state according to your website please advise.

          OBTW I talk with my local Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles…they said if I was stopped and did not have my drivers license….even if I claimed it was sent to Social Security, that I would still be ticketed for no license. You responded to my original email stating to apply online but your online says Social Security Card Replacement
          We’re sorry. We cannot process your request.

          You cannot request a replacement card online.

          Please contact your local office if you need a replacement card.

          Please advise.

          • Please note that this website is not sponsored by the Social Security Administration; it is a private website for The AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Advisory Service.
            Ohio (and Nebraska) are both states in which it is normally permissible to apply online for a replacement Social Security card. If you attempted this online and were denied, Social Security has probably detected an anomaly somewhere in your Social Security record and wants you to apply for a replacement card by contacting them directly. As you can surely appreciate, Social Security does not issue a replacement card without direct contact if they think there is any possibility for fraudulent use of that card.
            Normally, when SS offices aren’t closed to public access (as they are during the pandemic) you could visit the local SS office and show your driver’s license without surrendering it. But these are not normal times. I suggest you contact your local Social Security office, explain your apprehension to send your original drivers license, and ask what other means of identification they will accept to replace your card (not everyone has a drivers license). You can find the number for you local SS office at this website: If you don’t get immediate satisfaction at your local SS office, you should call the national Social Security service center at 1.800.772.1213.
            Russell Gloor
            National Social Security Advisor
            The AMAC Foundation

        • True, tried doing the same. Will not let you change name without proper documents. Not safe mailing critical documents. They should do something to correct this. Seems no one in social security office is doing anything to help. Just ignore it

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