What’s So Hard About Social Security?

Well, a lot is hard, as Social Security is a convoluted and confusing enterprise to millions.  Many think they know what they need to, as in “Take it at 62. Period.”  That’s why Russell Gloor of The AMAC Foundation, which powers the daily updates to this site, wrote “What’s So Hard About Social Security?

This hot off the press book of September 17, 2020 is divided into seven sections:  Worker Benefits, Dependent Benefits, Rules Applying to Everyone, Esoteric Regulations (like WEP & GPO), Medicare, Myths and Misunderstandings, and Financing Social Security.  The book is an easy read and intended for the lay person who wants to better understand the program.  The myths section is quite an intriguing part of the book, as Gloor takes aim at the various claims many have known to be true for some time, except that each is patently false.  A few examples include Social Security is Going Bankrupt, Illegal Aliens Get Benefits, Politicians Stole SS Money, and I’ll Never Get Back What I Paid In.  All are false, and the answer to the last myth is three to five years!  Surprised?  It’s not the only golden nugget of info in this highly readable, 296 page book.

Gloor also writes a weekly column entitled “Ask Rusty” carried by local and regional newspapers across the country.  The “Ask Rusty” initiative was the brainchild of AMAC’s late CEO and Founder, Daniel Weber.  Dan’s vision was to share the collective knowledge of The AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Advisory Staff with all American senior citizens, almost 100% of whom are affected by the critical, yet highly complex Social Security program.

The book is being distributed to every member of Congress and their staff personnel tasked with answering questions about Social Security, along with an offer to make use of the AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Advisory Service.

Indeed, if you are paying into the Social Security program via the payroll tax, as over 96% of working Americans are, then this book should be on your desk as well.  You can order a copy by sending a request with your name, address, and phone number to info@amacfoundation.org and a member of The AMAC Foundation will get back to you.  The cost of the book is $24.95.

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