Ask Rusty Series Gets an Added Dimension

Many of our readers are familiar with the AMAC Foundation’s weekly Social Security Q&A news release–our “Ask Rusty” series–published to over 7,000 media outlets across the country and carried every week on this website (see the “Q&A” portion of our home page.) Since launching the series in 2017, we’ve published over 200 of these weekly articles, each based on a question our Social Security Advisory Service has received, supplemented with a thoroughly researched answer. Judging from the questions we receive after each “Ask Rusty” release, we know that they’re attracting considerable attention across the nation from readers having a similar situation but requiring additional insight based on their individual circumstances. Social Security is, after all, quite complex and many–perhaps most–of the rules do not meet a “one size fits all” template.

In 2019, we published a compendium of the first 82 “Ask Rusty” editions, and earlier this year we updated that initial compendium with our “Ask Rusty: What’s So Hard About Social Security?” book. This latter publication, a 300-page text-book style document with categorical explanations of major Social Security regulations supported by individual “Ask Rusty” releases that put the regulations in perspective for readers, has been provided to Congressional Offices and is available for purchase via the Foundation office.

Recently, we added a new feature to our “Ask Rusty” series, the release of audio recordings in which we discuss the question and the thoughts that accompany the response. These audio versions are being released to radio stations for inclusion in their programming, and are proving to be another popular aspect of our Foundation’s outreach to seniors needing to better understand Social Security. And to even further expand the availability of this new feature, we’ve begun to offer access to these recordings via our Foundation website, where they are been stored along with the Social Security podcasts captured during our drive-time radio program last year. The loading of these recordings began in September as part of the weekly distribution process, and we have plan to eventually have all 200+ recordings available to our constituents.

Accessing the “Ask Rusty” recordings is simple…just visit the Foundation website (, click the Audio page on the menu bar, and select “Ask Rusty” from the list on the left-hand side of the page. Here’s a direct link.






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